Review Policy

I accept review requests from publishers. Publishers can email me at to request a review.

I accept:

  • Adult fiction of the following genres: horror, thriller, mystery, crime, medical thriller, fantasy, contemporary, drama, chick-lit, science fiction and literary fiction.
  • YA fiction of the following genres: contemporary and dystopia/sci-fi. 
  • NetGalley books for my Kindle.

I do not accept:

  • Paranormal romance.
  • Poetry.
  • Anthologies/short story collections.
  • eBooks (unless it's from NetGalley)
  • Self help.
  • Christian fiction.
  • Biography/Autobiography.
  • Middle-grade books.
  • Unpublished novels for critique.
  • Self published novels.


I post my reviews on Goodreads,, and this blog.

I rate my books honestly so if you're not prepared to possibly get a bad review from me, don't request. I rate my books with star ratings (see below) and I do an in depth review in which I usually talk about the plot, the character development, the style of writing in which it's told and I'll give my honest opinion overall.

Not worth reading.

I didn't like it very much.

It was good.

Really liked it.

Amazing, I really enjoyed it!

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